Book Rental Scheme

Book Rental Scheme

The Holy Child Community school has a book rental scheme in operation  and is available to all year groups.

Presently the charge is €100 per annum (subject to review) For Junior Cycle, €220 for 5th Year & 6th Year covering two years in return for which students have the use of a full set of text books from the first term.


Student Involvement

In the Holy Child the students play a very important role in the life of the school and are afforded various opportunities to develop their personal talents, abilities and leadership qualities.

They are invited to:

  • Become student representatives on the Student Council.
  • Apply for the posts of School and Sports Captains.
  • Help organise various public functions e.g.
    • Information Evenings.
    • Parent/Teacher Meetings.
    • Charity Fund Raising Events.
    • Assist in the management of the school’s sports activities.

Parental Involvement

The active involvement of parents and guardians is essential if the partnership which we try to forge is to be realised.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Become members of the Board of Management.
  • Attend regular Parent/Teacher meetings.
  • Attend information evenings and career evenings.
  • Join or support the Parents Association whose aim is to
    • Give a voice to parents.
    • Promote better understanding between themselves and teachers.
    • Assist the school with financial and other projects.
    • Parents are kept in touch with school events by regular newsletters.
    • Individual meetings with members of the teaching staff are easily arranged.
    • The Home School Community Liaison teacher pays regular visits to parents/guardians and encourages them to become more involved in their childrens’ learning.
    • The H.S.C.L. teacher also provides a range of courses for parents/guardians of students attending the school.